About NetTech

NetTech Computer Services was founded in 2007. NetTech saw a lack in the computer field of companies that not only provided great IT service but had enough of an understanding of business to fully utilize and integrate technology into the business and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, while many people were good "computer geeks" many of those "geeks" could fix the problem, but could not communicate what they have done in a way that the customer could understand. NetTech was created to fill this need and provide our customers with geeks that leave the "geek speak" in our office.

At NetTech it is our goal to build a strong business ecosystem. We maintain very tight relationships with our customers, employees, vendors, and local business partners in order to ensure that we are in a position to provide the highest level of service at a price people can afford. It is our goal everyday to produce ground breaking solutions for our clients and continually offer value added services. As we continue to evolve everyday NetTech will continue to innovate and offer more and more solutions as the business environment is changing so rapidly and a great deal of that change is driven by technology. NetTech is your personal IT resource.